The first step to success in avocation is to choose the right track ___New retail industry.

In recent years, the social development trend of the new retail industry has  been rising, so that some traditional physical stores have to transform and gradually join the new retail industry. Therefore, the new retail intelligent replacement of manual retail model is a major trend of social development in the future, and the cotton sugar machine is come to the fore in the new retail industry.

The customer coordinates the United States, invested in a self-service cotton candy machine, and now has a monthly income of about 20,000+, basically realizing the state of avocation > main business.

Why does cotton candy machine come to the fore?

  • Wide audience, adults and children like, all year round can be sold, no off-peak season.

  • The market competition is small.Currently major first-tier cities,Second and third tier cities market blank.

  • Project Promising, Sustainable Business.

So what are the advantages of the cotton sugar machine ?

  1. 24-hour self-service vending, saving labor.

  2. Variety of patterns, bid farewell to traditional handwork, and the production process can be seen through the transparent window.

  3. Simple management, maintenance, mobile phone can monitor real-time data.

  4. Small footprint, unlimited location.

  5. The most important thing is low cost and high profit.

Recently,more and more cotton candy machine owners to feedback ,obviously choosing a reliable project is the key to improving the success of entrepreneurship.

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