Shenzhen Haomin Technology Limited

(Company Strength)

Strict control of product quality, create the best products

  1. Company Intruduction

Shenzhen Haomin Technology Ltd is located in the Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Founded in 2013, our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D,design and manufacturing AUTOMATIC COTTON CANDY MACHINE AND POPCORN VEDNING EQUIPMENT and sales of COTTON CANDY AND POPCORN INGREDIENTS. Our company is in line with Customer First,Credibility First management idea and is committed to Made in China as our duty,making your cotton candy and popcorn business easier.Through the efforts of our professional staff, our company has 36 patents for utility model on cotton candy machines. In order to meet the worldwide market demand, we passed the international quality inspection of ISO 9001 and many products got the CE certificates awarded by the Europe Alliance. All these certificates are the witness of our strength. In order to ensure excellent product quality and competitive advantage in price, we keeps innovating and improving its quality from raw materials to production, technology and management.Our company has already secured the leading position in the field of automatic cotton candy machinery. We sale more than 3000+ machines to 20+ country all over the world. Relying on the 7-year manufacturing experience, our products have won the good reputation all over the world by our high quality,first-class services and by that enable them to benefit from the increasing high productivity of their products


  1. Quality Department

SKINEAT Automatic Cotton Candy Machine, 8 years of careful polishing, 36 patents. Each product, each process, all can be traced back to the source from burner to candyfloss shape testing; From anti-shock detection to low temperature experiment Strict control of quality, only for each set of equipment is of high quality.Quality is the cornerstone of the company’s survival It is the root, but also the mission. While focusing on product innovation, we pay more attention to the improvement of product quality. The company has built a high-quality inspection team. With excellent technology and data management methods, to ensure the controlled state of the equipment before delivery and maintain long-term effective communication with the R&D team. Continuously improve product quality and performance inspection.To sell our product to the world with quality as a long-term business goal.


  1. Machine Introduction

(1) Burner Test

The core of the product is the burner

Our company pursuit of burner quality is rigorous. From component acceptance to product installation, from inspection to shipment, each process is controlled by professional quality personnel.From a generation of burner to automatic humidification, rust prevention upgrade, and product life is constantly extended. The core of the product continues to update, each improvement is ahead of others in the same industry, and become the solid guarantee of our company.

(2) Module Inspection

The product module testing is meticulous and rigorous. From appearance to performance, from parts to the whole module, 100% all-round testing of each robot hand. To ensure that every detail of the product meets the standard,strive for zero defect products is our goal.

(3) Flower Pattern Test

Pattern testing is an important process of automatic cotton candy machine.The quality personnel repeatedly test each flower pattern.Take the goal of artwork as the standard of cotton candy forming, to make each “flower” almost perfect and impeccable.

(4) Environment Test

To adapt the cotton candy machine to global differentiated climate and environment, our company has established a low-temperature laboratory in the headquarters to simulate the low temperature and cold operating environment of customers. Continuously overcome the difficulties of machine operation for a wider range of cotton candy machines application scenarios.

(5) 1000km High Intensity Vibration Test

In order to test the anti-bumping performance of the machine during transportation, we conducts the machine 1000 kilometers of transport tests. To optimize the electric cabinet wiring and chassis structure to provide real data reference. After many improvements, the long distance transportation without any damage to the product. Automatic cotton candy machine has been exported to 40+ countries and covering 70+ cities in China.There are 5000+ machines in operation in the market. Professional packaging,safe logistics and transportation trusted by customers.

(6) Debugging and Aging Test

The machine aging is a necessary step for every electronic product, our cotton candy machine also undergoes at least 24 hours of aging test. it will make the machine more stable in the simulation environment. And only the qualified testing cotton candy machine will flow into the market.

(7) Inspection of the whole machine before shipment

Do not receive defective products.

Do not produce defective products.

This is the working principle of the quality department.

IQC incoming material inspection.

IPQC process inspection.

OQC sampling inspection of finished products .

FQC shipping inspection.

This is a complete quality control process, for the quality assurance of the machine.


(8) Equipment Certification

The automatic cotton candy machine has obtained a number of professional certifications.

In order to comply with the rapid expansion trend of domestic and international markets.We accept the test in Guangzhou South China laboratory the products again.

Finally obtained the national standard CQC quality certification andInternational CE, CB certification.