Automatic Mini Cotton Candy Machine MG221

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Automatic Mini Cotton Candy Machine MG221

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Products Description

Product Paramenters

Mini Automatic Cotton Candy Machine
Basic Parameters
Maximum power
Working power
Rated Voltage
AC 220V/110V
Machine weight
Make Pattern:
Sugar Making Time
Due to the continuous upgrade of the equipment version, the data parameters shall be subject to the actual equipment



1.1. What is the MOQ of the cotton candy machine MG221?


2.How many shape does the machine can make?

Only one shape(ball shape), and 5 color(blue,pick,white,yellow and 4 mix color)
3.Can we change the sugar’s flavor and color?
(1)Yes, you can use any color and flavor sugar
(2)About sugar ,you can buy from our factory or buy in your local.
4.How much sugar can the box added at one time? How many cotton
candy can be made?
(1)Each sugar box can put 400g sugar, there are 4 sugar box, total can put 1600g sugar;
(2)Each cotton candy consume about 20g sugar
(3)And if full of sugar, it can make about 60pcs cotton candy.

5.Are there any requirements for the water?

No, just clean water, like tap water

6.Can the machine make other shapes of cotton candy?

This model is not available, because the machine size is too small, it can only make ball shape cotton candy at present. If there
is a need, it is recommended to purchase our automatic model.
7.What languages does the machine touch screen support?Screen supports customization in any language,you can tell us your needs.